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French Macarons - Delighted by Yare

These French macarons are locally made and come in a three pack—Dulce de Lleche, Nutella, and Strawberry.  We promise that they will leave a sweet impression!    Contains: almond flour, eggs... Learn More


Palitos de Guayaba, 1.8 oz

The classic French tuile cookie meets the Caribbean. Beautifully crisp cookies spears infused with deeply caramalized guava paste—these cookies are delicious and are sure to please!    Contains: wheat, eggs... Learn More


Godiva Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion Bar ( 1 )

Godiva Masterpieces are the most indulgent signature chocolates from our boutique stores, recreated as individually wrapped chocolates and tablets. Fine Belgian Milk Chocolate bar with a smooth caramel filling Milk... Learn More


Tivoli European Milk & Dark Chocolate Cookies, 5.29oz

Traditional high-quality Danish butter cookies Jacobsens in cans. Brand Jacobsens registered in 1962, but only own factory for the production of biscuits was built in 1987 in a unique package.... Learn More


Godiva Assorted Classic Truffles, 4.25oz

Rich in flavor, they're perfect for many different occasions - hostess and teacher gifts, birthday celebrations, saying thank you, or just because. Learn More


Godiva Milk Chocolate Truffles, 4oz

Perfect for celebrations, creamy milk chocolate ganache, Learn More